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Petrik - DeJong

Virgil Petrik and Harlan DeJongBelow the Press and Dakotan Photo (date unknown) reads:

PLANNING TRAINING - Representing a wide spectrum of civilian job occupations, the Springfield National Guard unit puts all to work in an engineering unit. At left supplyman Harlan DeJong of Springfield works with Virgil Petrik of Springfield, training non-com. DeJong is a farmer and Petrik a college professor.

This clipping is damaged in the right corner but the part of the photo showing DeJong and Petrik are still intact.

Petrik was in the Air Force with a fellow that made a name for himself as an entertainer. A 1952 photo submitted by the Petrik family to the Springfield Veterans Memorial facebook page shows the group of Airmen with "The Man in Black" (Johnny Cash) in the back row, second from the left.

Virgil Petrik, Airmen and Johnny Cash
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