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Category: post  Listing Date: 2011-08-01

Lyngstad Volunteers

Larry Lyngstad volunteers for a number of programsPhoto by Emily Wickstrom
Pierre Capital Journal

Larry Lyngstad (left) and Jim Mollison look over the sandbags outside Mollison's home. Lyngstad has helped families displaced by the flood and assisted with sandbagging at Mollison's house.

Some of us remember Larry Lyngstad as our music teacher at Avon Public School. Mr. Lyngstad is retired now and living in Pierre, South Dakota. Lyngstad has been volunteering through the Central South Dakota Retired & Senior Volunteer Program since 2009.

Larry was quoted in an article from the Pierre Capital Journal; "I'm not an outstanding volunteer or doing anything extraordinary," Lyngstad said. "I'm just an average volunteer."

Lyngstad volunteers for a number of programs, including the St. Mary's foundation, reading buddies program, South Dakota Discovery Center, Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center and the Southeast Community Church. In Jun/Jul 2011, Lyngstad has been helping families who are displace by the flood by helping to provide food and assisting at the Emergency Operation Center in Pierre and Fort Pierre.

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