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Large Hail

On August 21st, 2007 large hail fell across areas of southeast South Dakota.
Hail storm August 21 2007 near Dante and Avon South DakotaPhoto by Lisa Einrem, August 21, 2007

The small community of Dante South Dakota (Just 8 miles west of Avon South Dakota), in southeast Charles Mix County, took a direct hit from the large hail. Most homes in Dante sustained considerable hail damage, with holes punched in almost every roof in town by the large hail.See this story from the National Weather Service

May 21, 1982 produced heavy rain around Avon South Dakota.
From South Dakota Weather History and Trivia May

Heavy rains inundated portions of southeast South Dakota on May 21st, 1982. Five and one-half inches fell at Yankton over the course of 4 hours...while eight and one-half inches fell in two hours southwest of Parkston (in Hutchinson county). Not to be outdone Avon (in Bon Homme county) picked up 1.80 inches in only 25 minutes. The heavy rains and rapid runoff from the storms washed out many roads in the area.

Hail storm August 21 2007 near Dante and Avon South DakotaPhoto by Lisa Einrem,
Location Avon Sd - Aug. 21, 2007

An amazing 17 inches of rain fell in a nine day period of time ending on May 30th, 1982 in the town of Avon, South Dakota (in Bon Homme county). This, of course led to major flood problems in the area. Krug's lake, located 1 mile south of Avon, is normally dry. Not only did the lake fill up, but it also drained into the south side of the town after a hastily constructed dike gave way. Many dwellings in the town ended up being completely surrounded by water.

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