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Honoring Avon

Avon SD looks back on a proud historySeptember 07, 2004 - HONORING THE CITY OF AVON (Senate) - From the Congressional Record

Mr. JOHNSON. Mr. President, I honor and publicly recognize the 125th anniversary of the founding of the city of Avon, SD. The city of Avon looks back on a proud history and looks forward to a promising future.

Taking its name from a post office run out of the nearby home of Mr. and Mrs. George Phoenix, the city of Avon grew out of the 1879 expansion of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad. Prosperous agriculture in the western part of Bon Homme County led farmers and ranchers to seek expanded markets for their goods. Railroad officials, in turn, recognized the value of building a branch line from Napa to Platte to serve this need, and some 500 workers began the arduous task of laying the new line through the area. The start of work was closely followed by the opening of a saloon by Joe Sterba that would find its home in Avon's first permanent commercial building by 1900. Other businesses quickly joined the saloon, and Avon was soon a thriving community serving the agricultural region that surrounded it.

For most of its 125 years, the city of Avon has been served by the weekly newspaper, the Avon Clarion, which began publication in the winter of 1901. In an article that year, the paper boasted that Avon had, "without exception, the brightest and most encouraging future of any town along this line.'' In the 125 years since its founding, Avon has proven its ability to thrive and serve farmers and ranchers in the region. Currently, more than 550 people live in the city of Avon. It is with great honor that I advise my colleagues of the achievements made by this great community.

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