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First Mennonite Church

An excerpt from the manuscript "Friedensberg Mennonite Church," by Sunshyne Thaler.
Friedensberg Mennonite ChurchFriedensberg Mennonite Church

Not far from where Loretta was located is the Friedensberg MennoniteChurch. Although it was six and one-half miles south and a mile west of Avon, it was associated with the Avon community. more about Loretta by Mary Borin

The first structure was built of logs obtained with great effortfrom areas as many as ten miles away. The best logs were found in the Missouri River bottom where trees grew tall and not too thick, ideal for shaping. The building was 28 x 40 feet, had a shingle roof, was covered on the outside with boards and painted, resulting in a strong building, which was named the Friedensberg Mennonite Church and dedicated in 1878. The word 'Frieden' is a German term meaning peace, and 'Berg' a term meaning fortress or bulwark; thus, the name of the church translates 'A Fortress of Peace.'

Twenty years later the need for a larger building prompted the congregation to dismantle the building and salvage the original logs. These were sawed into boards, and by 1899 a new church building was finished and dedicated. Still later a basement was made, the building moved onto it, an entry added, and the interior renovated and redecorated.

Mennonites constructed their third church building in 1978,all on one level, which can seat nearly 300 people. They also finished a new parsonage in Avon about the year 1983. In 1991 the minister is Reverend David Manning.

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