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Avon - County Champs

History of Avon South DakotaFROM DIAPERS TO DIPLOMAS

The year was 1966. The Avon Pirates where The Bon Homme County Champions. The Head Coach was Ken Wagner and the Assistant Coach was Jim Stoebner.

The Administration included Superintendent Iro C. Mogen and Principal Georgeann Dykstra. The Board of Education included Roland Van Gerpen, Charles Oliver, Dave Dykstra, Bill Pier, Shirley Buchholz, Klas Hento, and Ray Arlt.

The 1966 Pirate Log included pictures of all the students, administration, faculty, and of course highlights of the school years activities. The "Log" was 52 pages plus another blank page. Students would ask other students to sign and include little notes.

We have converted the 1966 Pirate Log to a PDF file. It is a very large file (just over 20MB) but you can view it and download it if you wish. You'll need a pretty good internet connection to get it, but HERE IT IS!

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