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A Difference of Opinion

A Difference of Opinion

A couple of weeks ago the following "Poem of Wisdom" appeared in the Avon Clarion. Yesterday another poem "A Rhyme of Reason" was emailed here. You can see the two poems below. We don't know if the Clarion got it (check your Clarion) to see.


Keystone is all over the tube, that glorified pipe with heated lube.
It's great for the economy, but not for Dakotans, you and me.
3900 jobs, what a joke. Not too many for the local folk.
38 permanent when its done. Hopefully we will at least get ONE.
A heated gunk pipe 1200 miles long, gee what possibly could go wrong?
And when the leaks come a "Rounds" and spill the sludge across the grounds.
"No-em" won't sing a different "Thune". It won't be their land lying in ruin.
So shove it in, make it XL, with land "condom"nation all is well
At least its cheaper gas for me! Oh wait, its going overseas.
So what do we get for all our grief? Perhaps a thank you Maple Leaf.
--The Keystone Kop


Why would you "Barry" a pipe out of sight and underground.
Put up a windmill destroying the ground to create a "whirling" sound?
Sell your gas guzzling comfortable ride and get an electric mobile.
Twelve miles on a charge and room for two is really not a big deal.
Let's go solar lets go wind. You gas lovers all have sinned.
Coal too has got to go. Windmills just need the wind to blow.
Farming with an electric tractor may be one factor
but hey, at least you won't be a "fracker."
This is the answer. This is what's right.
A veto or executive order will end the fight.
-- The Windbag

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