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History 2018-10-21
Greenfield House
If you grew up in Avon South Dakota or even if you lived there briefly, you undoubtedly remember the large Queen Anne house a couple of block west of Main Street. It was the home of Dr. John C. Greenfield.
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History 2015-02-21
Avon - County Champs
Avon is Bon Homme County Champs
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History 2014-12-30
Against Socialized Medicine
Local Politician Against Socialized Medicine
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History 2014-07-15
Debate Champions
Avon South Dakota Pirates - The State B Debate Champions
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History 2014-07-15
Petrik - DeJong
PLANNING TRAINING Representing a wide spectrum of civilian job occupations, the Springfield National Guard unit puts all to work in an engineering unit.
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History 2014-07-11
Rural Free Delivery
The photo shows the RFD wagons in front of the Avon Post Office. Notice the Avon Clarion sign as well as Berends Boots and Shoes. Wouldn't it be interesting to identify those in the photo?
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History 2014-07-08
Board of Education
The Avon South Dakota Board of Education in 1965. These were familiar faces about Avon, SD in those days.
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History 2014-07-08
Yard of the Week
Girl Scout award "Yard of the Week"
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History 2014-07-01
Early Area Photos
A photo of 1941 Avon area School Picnic
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History 2014-06-23
First Mennonite Church
An excerpt from the manuscript "Friedensberg Mennonite Church," by Sunshyne Thaler.
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History 2014-04-29
Kelly Brandt Exoplanets
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History 2014-02-26
Avon Clarion Online
The Avon Clarion is now ONLINE.
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History 2014-02-17
History of Avon
One of the best writings about the history of Avon South Dakota is the one by former resident and school teacher, Sunshyne Thaler.
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History 2012-10-21
George Stanley McGovern
George Mc Govern was a Representative and a Senator from South Dakota; born in Avon, Bon Homme County, S.Dak., July 19, 1922
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History 2011-08-01
Lyngstad Volunteers
Some of us remember Larry Lyngstad as our music teacher at Avon Public School.
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History 2011-07-10
100 Years Young
An Open House honoring Bertha (Brandt) Timmens on her 100th birthday was held on July 10, 2011 at Zion Lutheran Church, 314 N. Pine St., Avon South Dakota from 2PM - 4PM.
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History 2009-02-17
Historic Bridge
On the National Register of Historic Places is South Dakota Dept. of Transportation Bridge No. 05-032-170. Local road over Choteau Creek, Avon, South Dakota.
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History 2008-10-08
Paul Kuhlman
Physics, chemistry, math... Three subjects that make some students cringe at the thought of them.
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History 2007-08-21
Large Hail
On August 21st, 2007 large hail fell across areas of southeast South Dakota.
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History 2004-09-07
Honoring Avon
September 07, 2004 - HONORING THE CITY OF AVON (Senate) - From the Congressional Record

The city of Avon looks back on a proud history and looks forward to a promising future.

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History 2000-09-25
Honoring Nelson Lagendyk
Mr. Lagendyk enlisted in the Air Force in June 1941 where he became a squadron clerk and joined the all volunteer glider program.
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