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category: History, date: 2000-01-02, by Avon SD
Roy Braxton Justus
Roy Braxton Justus

As a high school student in Avon, South Dakota, Roy Justus displayed his cartoon comments on World War I in a local drugstore window. Beginning in 1924, Justus worked as an editorial cartoonist for the Sioux City Tribune, to which he returned after brief stints in Washington, D.C. He contributed to a political cartoon syndicate for Midwest weeklies and later worked in New York on the art staff of the Associated Press. When the Tribune merged with the Sioux City Journal, Justus served as an editorial cartoonist until 1944. That year, he became editorial cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star, on which he served until his retirement in 1975. A donation by the Minneapolis Star of more than sixty-five hundred Roy Justus cartoons was supplemented in 1988 by a gift of Mrs. Roy Justus of fifty-one scrapbooks, original cartoons, and awards.

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