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category: General, date: 2014-07-08, by Avon SD
Mobile Devices
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Please NOTE: app has been updated

NOTE: The website has been redesigned to be "responsive" which should allow most content to be view on most devices. Some post content remains to be updated but we think the overall user experience will be vastly improved.

Smart Phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android, Mini, Surface, Smartbox, Telemetrics, Scalability, Galaxy, Apps, Apple, Oranges . . . OK maybe not Oranges but mobile devices are everywhere.

AvonSD Android appAvonSD Android app

If you have an Android device You can get the AvonSD Android app at the PlayStore and if you have a QR scanner on your Android Device you can use the QR code to get there. No scanner? Just go to the Google Play Store from your Android Smart Phone and type in AvonSD. The app is Free.

AvonSD Android appAvonSD Mobile QR "Link"

If you don't have an Android device and/or you just want the link to the mobile content you can use the QR "link image" to get the link or use the link: http://www.AvonSD.com.

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